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5 up and coming local street wear brands to watch out for in 2021

5 up and coming local street wear brands to watch out for in 2021


It can be a hassle to pick an outfit for a coffee meet-up or picnic in the park and what makes this process easier is a good quality, well designed tee. You can pair it with faded jeans or let it hang over a pair of jogger pants and be all set to go.

Scroll down to see our picks of some edgy and artsy T-shirt brands that may become an addition to your closet.

1. Naqees Official

“Conveying a message through avant-garde fashion.”

Naqees Official’s T-shirts pay homage to the 90’s pop culture with absolute attention to detail. Their material is handcrafted with care and each design is intricately made. The large block printing to quirky quotes makes this range diverse enough to “rock in the modern age.” Their collection retails from Rs.2500-4000.

Shop their items by clicking here

Source : (@naqeesofficial)

2. AZL Original

“Cop Yours Now.”

AZL Original is the birth child of two brothers in Lahore who aim to design clothes in the form of art which possesses meaning. Their unique style promotes local artists through their T-shirts. These clothes encompass original designs created with embroidery and are inspired by pop cultural references. The material is hand-picked by the owners who work closely with the producers to offer their customers high quality fabric. The prices are mostly under Rs.5000 and worth the quality of their items. 

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Source : (@azloriginal)

3. Vanta Black

“Introducing streetwear clothing that is inclusive of all body types.”

Vanta Black is the hub for pop culture T-shirts. Started by three students from Lahore School of Economics in March 2020, the brand has taken off. Their shirts explore old-school hip hop, classical and contemporary art. Their aim is to be a socially conscious clothing brand that is all inclusive, so no matter what size or shape, their T-shirts fit all. These unisex drop shoulder T-shirts retail at Rs.1490 only.

Shop the Vanta Black Collection here

Source : (@vanta__blk)

4. Thrive Streetwear

“To grow and flourish.”

Thrive Streetwear is an amalgamation of modern and traditional. Their T-shirts consist of geometric patterns, floral and block-prints that complement the rich colours of the shirts themselves. The shirts are made from Terry fabric and cotton that make them easy and breezy to wear for the warmer season. Their prices range from Rs.949-3499.

Click here to shop from Thrive Streetwear

Source : (@thrivestreetwearofficial)

5. Groovy Attire

“Setting standards.”

Afnan Shah & Ammar Shah founded Groovy Attire in 2017 in hopes to supply qualitative products at a bargain price. They are a “one stop street-wear, minimal clothing shop.” Groovy Attire has numerous aesthetic designs so they provide a diverse range in their T-shirt collection. The material is personally overseen to be of high quality cotton and polyester. In order to truly be affordable, they’ve priced their shirts at only Rs.700.

Shop these artsy tees here

Source : (@groovy.attire)

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