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5 Times Anchors F*#ked Up To Maintain TV Channel Ratings

5 Times Anchors F*#ked Up To Maintain TV Channel Ratings

Hussain Saeed

If you hadn’t already noticed, the media industry is all about numbers now: shares, likes and of course ratings.

When the goal is to maintain high rankings despite the quality of content, things like this happen:

If you think Talk shows are any better than Morning shows, think again. Anchors yell and scream at their guests, cutlery is thrown along with the occasional fist and much more.

Here is a list of 5 times anchors were complete and total jerks to their guests:

Muhammad Shoiab insults Nasir Khan Jan on National TV

Yesterday, SAMAA TV aired an interview of Nasir Khan Jan on their show Naya Din. Their host, Muhammad Shoiab felt this was the right time to tell Nasir Khan Jan that his content was not funny but obscene and “vulgar”.

The anchor started the segment by saying, “I was so happy to hear when he (Nasir) wasn’t coming to the show but here he is” as Nasir Khan Jan steps on stage.

Shoaib continued to insult Nasir Khan Jan for up to three minutes, speaking loudly and talking over his guest as Nasir tried to refute his remarks. What exactly did Shoaib want to achieve with such behaviour? Probably some virality and controversy.

And while Shoaib is the one making these remarks, much of the blame lies with SAMAA TV, the channel has as of yet tendered no apology.

SAMAA TV is at the centre of controversy again as Kiran Aftab passes rude remarks to doctors

While protests were happening in Karachi, a few doctors were invited on Kiran Aftab’s show to highlight their demands and grievances. Upon visiting the show, the doctors clearly mentioned they have not received their salaries since the last 4 months.

However, Kiran decided to give them a peace of her mind, which didn’t sit well with people. Kiran goes on to say, “Do you have any care in your heart for what will happen to people or patients?”. As one doctor tries to explain that the protest is being stated in such a way to prevent discomfort to patients, Kiran mocks him by sarcastically stating what a big favour they are doing the patients.

Salam Jung’s Blackface Fiasco

For those who may have forgotten, Sanam Jung invited a make-up artist to show how to do make-up on a darker skinned girl.

But instead of calling a darker skinned model, they just put dark toned foundation of fair models, which reminds us of – you guessed it – blackface. Blackface has long been used in Hollywood as a caricature of the African American experience.

With Pakistan’s thriving obsession with fair skin, this type of programming just feeds into our already warped way of thinking.

Aamir Liaqut Gives Away….Babies?!

Aamir Liaqut, the king of controversy, decided to hand out babies like gifts to parents looking to adopt!

When mobile phones, motorcycles and land deeds don’t suffice to drive up ratings, Amir Liaqat decided to turn to babies. He cruelly remarked on how the baby had been left in a dumpster and was harmed by animals. This raises questions of not only privacy but also how well the process was vetted.

Amir Khan Insults Youtube Sensation Tahir Shah

The day Amir Liaqat was banned from TV was one of the best ones we have witnessed so far. Because when he wasn’t banned, we saw things like the above video happen.

These definitely aren’t the only examples of anchors trying to sensationalise the news and provoke their guests to drive up ratings. The incident of one reporter repeatedly questioning a child who’s parents were brutally killed in the Sahiwal killings “where is your father?” is still fresh in our minds unfortunately.

But more than blaming the anchors, the fault lies with TV Channels who not only allow but promote this kind of horrendous and insensitive content to be aired.


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