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5 stores delivering impressive hijab-shopping experiences across Pakistan

5 stores delivering impressive hijab-shopping experiences across Pakistan


According to a research conducted in Punjab among 28 hijab-wearing women are not satisfied with the marketing and fitting of hijabs and abayas available locally. With the rapidly increasing hijab fashion trends and products, it’s no secret that the Pakistani fashion market was unable to meet the demands of its customers. 

Until, these 5 local stores decided to shake up the hijab fashion industry of Pakistan by offering the trendiest, chic, and fashionable hijabs. 

1. Yashmak Hijab Store (@yashmak.hijabstore)

This brand goes under the name of ‘Yashmak’; a Turkish term for hijab. This local store has you covered for shaadi season, family get-togethers, university/college, and even for the office. Their wide variety of yashmaks range from tasseled to crinkled, Turkish prints to digital prints, silky chiffons to georgettes. 

Price range: Rs.300 – Rs.500

2. Weave the Label (@weavethelabel)

Dua Lakhani, a modest fashion enthusiast from Karachi brings to you, hands down, the best chiffon georgettes; hand-picked from the flooded markets of Karachi and Dubai. Along with head scarfs, the page also offers sustainable hijab pins in different colors. The exuberant color scheme and fine quality of these hijabs are firmly established to win the hearts of hijab wearers and admirers. The older Lakhani sister, Niha has given tutorials on 3 different ways to wear these chiffon georgettes on the page as well.

Price range: Rs.150 – Rs.1500

3. The Women Zone (@the.women.zone_)

Back in 2015, with bare minimum online stores, Umaima Amin realized hijab material being offered locally was not up to the mark. So she left the corporate world and decided to take her chances with the untamed market herself. Umaima’s sister, Farnaz Amin joined hands to further grow the business. With experience of almost 6 years, these proficient experts curate the best quality viscose and chiffon scarves in a number of different designs and colors for Pakistani women. 

Price range: Rs.500 – Rs.950

4. The Hijab Company (@the_hijab_comany)

The Hijab Company is a startup that aims to help shape the global modest fashion industry by designing unique and exquisite modest clothing including abayas, dresses, pants and scarves. The brands’ empowering representation of hijab/abaya wearing Pakistani women and top-notch quality of its products has astonished and attracted a hefty amount of potential customers on their instagram. 

Price range: Rs:440 – Rs.5000

5. Happy Hijabis (@happyhijabis.co)

This happy hijabi’s journey started with the fear of being neglected by people. Shortly after, she realized her niqab is a symbol of dignity. The pride, dignity, and courage are now shared with the community of over 10k happy hijabis, niqabis, and  admirers. She offers under caps, hijabs, and niqabs in a variety of different colors, material’s and styles.

Price range: Rs.160 – Rs.650
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