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5 homegrown doughnut shops in Lahore, for the ultimate cheat meal

5 homegrown doughnut shops in Lahore, for the ultimate cheat meal


We’ve all fantasized about something sweet, deep-fried and smothered in chocolate. Doughnuts really do hit the spot like nothing else, but how many of you have been disappointed by a greasy and heavy doughnut? Well not anymore. Lahore has propelled its home bakers into a doughnut-making frenzy ever since the pandemic.

And here are the featured 5 home bakers making the best doughnuts in town.

1. This home baker went from customized cakes to doughnuts.

Iqra Asad has been selling cakes for 10 years now, but ever since the pandemic hit Lahore, she had to revamp her business model to survive. Iqwees bakery (@iqwees_bakery) now specializes in stuffed, brioche doughnuts and is a pioneer in Cruffins; a cross between muffins and doughnuts.

You can order a single doughnut or cruffin for about Rs. 200 to 500.

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2. This sister duo made doughnuts to get us through the pandemic.

Out of the Oven (@out_of_theoven) makes the best glazed doughnuts that could give krispy kreme a run for their money. The baker behind this business is a certified cook, with a passion for baking. She along with her sister took the opportunity of being at home throughout the lockdown to make the scrumptious treats for everyone to enjoy.

You can order half a dozen doughnuts for about Rs.1,200.

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3. This married couple is saving Pakistan one doughnut at a time.

Pint-sized temptations (@pintsizedtemptations) is a local business started by a married couple in Lahore. They make delicious doughnuts, stuffed to the brim, from all your dessert fantasies. Try their flavours like their lotus madness or their Nutella choco dip.

Don’t miss out on these amazing doughnuts, priced at Rs. 150 to 200 each.

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4. This young entrepreneur has doughnuts for days!

Fahad graduated from college a few years ago and threw himself into building his home-baking business. Big fat rolls (@bigfatrolls) has an array of delicious stuffed doughnuts that will mesmerize your tastebuds. Their most popular flavours include Serotonin, Ruby Velour, Ultimate 16 Lux & Cherub Classic.

Their doughnuts cost around Rs. 170 to 230 each.

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5. This pastry chef and his sister will put you in a sugar coma.

Taste world (@tasteworldofficial) is a brother-sister duo, who have customized doughnuts for everyone. They have a variety of flavours including their Nutella, Lotus and Caramel crunch.

Their doughnuts cost around Rs. 200 to 220.

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