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5 local businesses to help kickstart your self-care journey

5 local businesses to help kickstart your self-care journey


2021 continues to be a very uncertain time, with the third wave of the pandemic sweeping the world. It feels like we’re living through multiple disasters, trying to keep our head over water. During these trying times, it’s vital for you to take out time for yourself and indulge in some self-care activities.

Here are 5 self-care tips to help you centre yourself.

1. This home business will help you de-stress and relax.

Ostrich (@ostruceofficial) is a local business that specializes in ostrich derived products. Their enhanced ostrich oil is meant to relax muscles and relieve tension in your body. A tense free body can relax the mind and is perfect for a serene massage. Relaxing your body is the first step on your self-care journey. Ostruce has been widely endorsed by its customers to relieve pain and its lightweight formula is soft on the skin.

A 500 ml bottle can cost around Rs. 1,700.

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2. Crystals that are recycling mining waste and relaxing customers.

Meditation is the most essential part of relaxing your mind. Sharmeen is the owner of The Stone Dragon (@the_stone_dragon), which specializes in healing and calming crystals that you can use for meditation and cleansing your aura. She sources her crystals from local mines in Pakistan, repurposing the waste by incorporating them into pendants and ornamental pieces. Each stone has a specific purpose and you can consult Sharmeen to find the best purchase for yourself.

Their prices range from Rs. 1,500 for their crystal jewellery up to Rs. 10,000 for their crystal clusters.

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3. This business will help ground you, with their custom scents.

Engaging your senses helps ground you and prevents your mind from spiralling into negative thoughts. Being present requires a comfortable environment and what better way to make yourself comfortable, than with a calming scent? Colish (@colishco) is a local business that specializes in Scented candles and diffusers. Their customized scents are designed to meet your varying needs. They have a range of contemporary blends and you can find the perfect fit to make yourself feel right at home.

Their products range from Rs. 2,000 to 4,000.

Click here to order now.

4. Brew a cup of relaxing tea, to calm the nerves.

Not only is green tea a health booster but it also calms the nerves and relaxes the mind. Teazuro (@teazuro) is a local business that produces local organic blends of a variety of teas. Seen in their signature tin boxes these teas will help you through a long arduous day.

Typically, a tea tin will cost around Rs. 1,000.

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5. Treat yourself to some ice cream from this Lahori creamery.

Nothing says self-care like a tub of rich chocolate ice cream. Hifny Tifny (@hifnytifny) is a local business in Lahore with its two custom ice cream flavours. This rich and creamy ice cream is perfect for when you’re upset and need to treat yourself. Their ice creams are made from the best quality ingredients and are half the price of their imported counterparts.

A 1-litre tub of ice cream can cost around Rs. 1,250.

Click here to order now.

Self-care is what you choose to make of it, but with these 5 simple tips maybe you can get started on prioritizing your needs before worrying about others.

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