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Top 5 organic honey brands, offering the most nutritious alternative to processed sugars

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Top 5 organic honey brands, offering the most nutritious alternative to processed sugars


Honey is one of the most healthy foods found in nature. A natural sweetener, it not only tastes delicious but can help you sustain a healthy lifestyle. Lately, bees have become an endangered species due to manmade intervention, but here are some local bee farmers in Pakistan, who are trying to revive ethical honey production, bringing you the highest quality of organic honey and helping sustain the local bee population. 

Here are 5 Local bee farmers, producing fresh and organic honey.

1. This home business is trying to normalize ethical honey production. 

Bee Wild Mountain Honey (@beewild.mountain.honey) is a local honey farm in the Margalla hills around Islamabad. This local bee farmer started out with 10 bee colonies for his personal honey needs. But soon expanded his collection with a vision to produce Raw Organic honey at the most economical rates for local consumers. 

Bee Wild Mountain Honey believes in ethical honey harvesting to help conserve the local bee population.

Their honey is produced from medicinal flowers like the Eucalyptus plant, which has a variety of health benefits.

Their honey ranges from about Rs. 650 to 2,400.

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2. This business offers seasonal honey for the freshest produce.

Hunza organic food (@hunzaorganicfood) sources all its honey from Gilgit Baltistan. They believe in fresh honey production and, as a home-based business, only have honey when the flowers are in bloom, which is typically around August.

A bottle of honey typically costs around Rs. 4,000 to 5,000 per Kilo.

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3. This business has a money-back guarantee on its products.

Amna’s Natural & Organics (@amnasorganics) has rave reviews for their honey, which comes in two flavours; Orange blossom and Beri honey. They only use cold extraction to retrieve their produce for the highest quality. 

A bottle of 220g of honey costs between Rs. 350 to 700 on sale.

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4. Find a wide variety of Honey flavours with this business.

Woodland Foods (@woodlandfoodspk) is a local honey farm with a wide range of flavours to choose from. They believe in raw unadulterated honey, that is not filtered or pasteurized and is in compliance with the strictest quality standards.

Their products range from Rs. 400 to 2,700.

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5. Karachi’s very own local organic honey.

Just Honey (@justhoney.organic) is a local business from Karachi that specializes in organic honey. The business claims that their products will help boost immunity and keep you healthy, which is essential during this pandemic. The honey comes in a variety of flavours like Sidr and Accia.

Their products range around Rs. 500 to 1,000.

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