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5 Highly Reviewed Organic Hair Oils That May Be The Secret To Healthier Hair

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5 Highly Reviewed Organic Hair Oils That May Be The Secret To Healthier Hair


We know how stressful hair damage can be. You walk around with strands of hair falling to the floor as if you’re Gretel and you’re helping your lost father find his way to you. You’ve tried every treatment possible but your hair just won’t grow back faster. The only thing you want in life that’s easy to break and dry is a good cookie, not your luscious hair! 

Look no further, here are 5 organic hair oil brands we’ve curated just for you.

1. Munawar Haq Beauty

Munawar Haq Beauty (@munawarhaqbeauty) is all the rage these days. Their secret formula has produced stunning results that are evident through abundant reviews on their Instagram highlights. The oil comes in a gorgeous glass bottle with a petite black bow and pearl embellishment. It’s a natural blend aimed to repair damaged hair, stop hair fall and promote hair growth and volume. It really is “magic in a bottle”. What’s more, the oil is safe to be used on treated and dyed hair. As the oil is the epitome of luxury itself, the price also ranges from Rs. 2000-4000 depending on the amount you order.

Munawar Haq Beauty’s “Magic In A Bottle”

Shop for Munawar Haq Beauty here

2. BK Care

We’ve all heard of beautiful and quirky Bisma Khan, the youngest self-made millionaire of Pakistan. Her luscious rapunzel-esque hair brought her into the spotlight and she’s here to help you achieve the same look. The “BK Care Magic Hair Oil” (@bkcare_) is made up of 100% natural ingredients, cooked in Khan’s kitchen overnight and packaged to perfection. It’s known to have repaired damaged and dry hair, treat dandruff and even make your hair straight and silky. The oil is priced at Rs. 1400. It’s affordable and will make your locks shine.

BK Care’s “Magic Hair Oil”

Shop this miraculous oil here

3. Arooba’s Diy

Arooba’s Diy (@aroobas_diy) “Ultimate Hair Nourishment Oil” is another brand run by a young woman. Started by blogger/influencer Arooba Batool back in 2019, the brand has continued to grow. The oil itself is raved about by many. It comes in sleek black packaging with gold accents and the bottle has a pump for easy, breezy application. The mixture includes nourishing ingredients ranging from amla, reetha, flax Seeds, coconut oil, ginseng, vitamin E, castor oil, onion extracts, neem, garlic and so much more. This miraculous blend can be ordered through their website, priced at only Rs. 1100.

Arooba DIY’s “Ultimate Hair Nourishment Oil”

Shop Arooba’s Oil here

4. Ogan Essentials

Sometimes you just want an organic hair oil for a very specific problem, and we get that. Think your hair is falling in chunks and you don’t want to end up looking like the Duke of Cambridge? Ogan Essentials (@oganessentials) “Miracle Pen Hair Oil” is a miraculous blend for regrowth of hair. It targets bald spots and areas where severe thinning has occurred and brings life back to your hair. It’s tailor made to help with alopecia and a receding hairline. The oil is made up of several cold pressed natural oils, sweet almond and coconut extracts and more. Solve all your problems with this miracle pen, priced at Rs. 1280; so many benefits with such an affordable price tag!

Ogan Essentials’ “Miracle Pen Hair Oil”

Shop here now!

5. Serene Organics

Serene Organics (@serene_organics) has a wide selection of cold pressed oils inclusive of garlic, onion, coconut that maintain their natural aroma and purity. While we’ve provided you with oils that cater to numerous issues, we adults aren’t the only ones who need to repair and protect their hair. The “Kids Nourishing Hair Oil” is an organic, pure and paraffin free blend made up of five lightweight oils and cost between Rs. 1000-2000. The oil has been specifically made to be lightweight so your little one does not fuss about while you massage it into their scalp. Lastly, the enterprise has affiliations with Smile Again via which they hire kerosene and acid burn survivors who stitch their jute packaging.

Serene Organics’ “Kid’s Nourishing Hair Oil”

Shop for your little one here

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