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5 Eateries in Lahore That Deliver Keto Food to Your Doorstep

5 Eateries in Lahore That Deliver Keto Food to Your Doorstep


If you’re looking to kickstart your fitness routine before summer, the ketogenic diet is the best option for you. Social media influencers, marketeers and nutritionists swoon over it, but have you ever wondered why? By replacing the intake of carbs with fats, our body gets accustomed to burning fat efficiently. Although keto has been the most popular diet in the United States, not a lot of people know about it in Pakistan. 

Here is a list of the best in town keto diet providers in Lahore to gear you up for this summer!

1. The Food Squad

Hadia Sumbal is a keto expert who started The Food Squad 4 years ago and has been going strong ever since. Their current packages range between Rs. 45,000 to Rs. 50,000 a month. ‘Keto on Luxury’ is their best-selling package stocked with foods that leave you satiated for hours. That’s the best part: you won’t even feel like you’re on a diet! Their menu includes Keto Pizza, Achari Keema, Lettuce Burger and Chocolate Mousse along with more scrumptious edibles. In order to spice things up, they switch their menu every week. The Food Squad will deliver your lunch and dinner to you wherever you are in Lahore, every day! 

2. Keto Fix

Started in 2018 by Rubab Rizvi, Keto Fix is available in Lahore as well as Faisalabad. Rubab believes that our eating habits and routines have an impact on our mind, body and soul. Her clientele includes patients with epilepsy as well, indicating she has sufficient knowledge to serve you. She tried the keto diet herself before turning it into a business. The diet stimulated Rubab’s skin to glow, her fat to burn and her allergies to vanish. Thus, she became a true devotee. 

‘Keto Fix’ has a range of packages that cost between Rs. 7,750 (weekly package with one meal a day) to Rs. 38,000 (monthly package with two meals a day). Their recipes and products are approved by the hired nutritionists and are customised as per the clients’ requirements.


3. Keto Club

Saba Shiraz founded The Keto Club She herself is a certified diet and nutrition coach. Keto Clubs’ services aren’t just restricted to Lahore. You will also find them assisting clients in Faisalabad, Sheikhupura and the twin cities; Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Keto Club has a menu that includes breakfast, coffee shots, lunch, dinner and dessert to satisfy your cravings and keep you fit at the same time. Their packages range between Rs. 26,000 to Rs. 32,000 per month, including delivery charges. Did someone say coffee? We’re on our way to get it, what about you?

 4. The Keto Pantry

In 2018, Sana Azhar took various courses about the keto diet as she could not find authentic keto diet providers in Lahore. She started Keto Pantry almost 18 months ago and has entertained hundreds of loyal clients ever since. ‘Keto Pantry’ has packages that range from Rs.13,000 (Fortnightly One Meal Plan) to Rs. 29,000 (Monthly Two Meals Plan). Their menu is extremely diverse; includes Tuscan Chicken Casserole, Keto Tortilla Wraps, Cheeseburger, Hot Sour Fish and much more. Sana also tries to add two to three new food items every month to stay on top of her game!

5. Keto Cuisine by Dr Mehtab Mustafa

Dr Mehtab Mustafa is a clinical nutritionist and has experience working at Lahore’s top hospitals. She now has a clinic of her own and runs an online set up as well. Through Keto Cuisine by Dr Mehtab Mustafa, she helps all her clients through customised diet plans as she believes good health is a basic human right. Her keto menu is one of the attractions on her Instagram page as it includes multiple items. Her packages range from Rs. 3,000 (weekly) to Rs. 15,000 (monthly). These packages also include a workout plan, daily online nutritional assistance and one week/month follow-ups. How great is this? 

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