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5 Desi nashta combinations you have to try this Sunday if you call yourself a Lahori

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5 Desi nashta combinations you have to try this Sunday if you call yourself a Lahori


Lahoris and Desi nashta is a love affair far more interesting than Heer Ranjha. Everyone else wants to relax on a Sunday, probably plans to wake up late but Lahoris will wake up at 6 am to go have breakfast from their favourite spot. Now, that’s the amount of love, commitment and effort everyone needs in life. This Sunday, wake up early one more time to have nashta from the most loved places around the city.

Here’s a road map of where to get this Sunday’s Nashta from:

1. The legendary Lakhshmi Chowk known for Chikar Chollay

If there is one place that defines the Lahori spirit the best, it’s Lakshmi Chowk! Traffic jams, beautiful old buildings from the pre-partition era, cinemas and desi nashta. 

You’ll find many street vendors selling ‘Chikar Chollay’ but if you want to sit in peace and focus on your plate of Murgh Chanay then go to Tooba Restaurant. 

Once you’re at the chowk, you’ll know where this restaurant is. 

Source: Flickr

Another great Nashta option, if you’re into Mutton Chanay, is Baba Taj Din Mutton Channay on Montgomery Road. 

This place is almost a 5-minute walk from Lakshmi Chowk. The Chanays are perfectly spiced and added into a tender meat that melts in your mouth. 

If not that, you can just cross the road and have the famous Halwa Puri from Butt Sweets

Source: Lahori Soghat

No Lahori meal is complete without something meetha. 

Walk straight from Lakshmi Chowk to Beadon Road until you see Chaman Ice Cream.

Go for their special cup with nuts toppings.


Source: vymaps.com

2. Gawalmandi – Formally known for its wrestlers and great food 

People who migrated, settled in Gawalmandi and brought with them delicious food recipes from all around India. A lack of employment opportunities made them open small shops and restaurants outside their houses. Gawalmandi in its true essence was a ‘Taste of History’. Shutting down Gawalmandi Food Street was one of the worst decisions the Punjab government ever took as there were countless food options available. Fortunately, it still has some of the Nashta gems.

Haji Basheer Siri Paye is a legendary restaurant. 

Known for its Bong Paye, this place is a wish come true for someone who gets to eat Paye once every Bakra Eid. Are you thinking about Lassi now? 

Lahoris might disagree with each other on a lot of matters but all agree Chacha Feeka Lassi is the best. 

They add pairay into their already rich lassi that makes it a meal on its own. Disclaimer: Finishing an entire glass of pairay wali lassi is a sport. 

Source: Blogspot

3.  Anarkali – The oldest existing food street in Lahore

Mughal Prince Salim might not have loved Anarkali as much as Lahoris do. 

Waris Nihari stands tall as one of the best Nihari places in Lahore.

You can get Nihari in the meat of your choice including fish and beef but don’t embarrass yourself by ordering a chicken Nihari. They also offer Sheermaal, Meetha Paratha and Naans to go with them. Anarkali has some amazing options for Bong Paye as well. 

Source: YouTube

Nasir Bong Paye is one such famous place.  

The only downside is that it’s always filled with lots of people. So you might not be able to eat in peace. Keep in mind that they close at 7 am, so you’ll have to wake up super early if you want the best Bong Paye. You’ll definitely need a glass of lassi so you can go back home and sleep again after having Paye early in the morning.  

Haji Rehmat Lassi is a dessert shop in Anarkali that offers lassi and khoya kheers. 

Source: Foursquare

4. Shahi Mahalla – A place to have Nashta with the best view 

The New Food Street is definitely a place loved by many but it has taken the attention off some true gems of Shahi Mahallay. So this time when you visit, try going outside of the food street to have nashta. 

Taj Mahal Sweets is located in the narrow streets of Taxali Gate, right next to Ali Park.   

It’s a perfect place to get piping hot and perfectly puffed Halwa Puri. You won’t be able to resist this piece of heaven even for a second. 

Jeda Lassi Butter Milk is an 8-minute walk from Taj Mahal.

There’s a viral youtube video of people fighting over a glass of lassi from Jeda. It has been at the same very spot for years now. Go for their Meethi lassi to add a bit of ‘mithaas’ to your boring Sunday. 

If you’re not into Halwa Puri much, you can also visit Ghousia Murgh Chanay, which is a minute away from Jeda. 

5. The delicacies of Gulberg 

No Lahori will talk about Desi Nashta without mentioning Capri.

Right opposite Capri Cinema, Capri restaurant rightly attracts hundreds of people daily by its yummy Halwa Puri, Achaar and Alloo Chanay. 

Go for a chilled bottle of coke instead of Lassi whenever you are there next. 

Source: Foursquare

If you’ve some space in your stomach left after a hefty meal, visit Benazir Kulfa on Noor Jehan Road. 

They add fresh khoya in each of their kulfa bowl that makes it the best in town. 

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