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5 Athletic Wear Brands That Are Trendy, Yet Affordable

5 Athletic Wear Brands That Are Trendy, Yet Affordable


If you’re ready to gear up for the gym once more, you’ve come to the right place. Nothing seems worse than loose leggings or ill-fitting sports bras: Scroll down to find the top 5 local and trendy athletic wear brands you can feel confident in, inside and outside the gym.

1. Koyo by Lulusar

“For fresh aesthetics and timeless elegance Lulusar is your only choice.”

Koyo (@koyobylulusar) is a fast fashion brand catering to those who prefer the grind. The range mostly includes minimal solid colours; blacks, reds and whites. They have athletic wear for both genders with numerous celebrity collaborations and one with the popular fitness studio, Iron Box too. This snazzy brand is also affordable as their fits are from Rs.1500-5000.

Check out their full range and collabs here

2. Iron Gear

Be All That You Imagined You Could Be. Be A Visionary.

What started as a screen-printing venture from a garage has now turned into a successful enterprise. Salman Zafar, with a few other athletes founded Iron Gear (@irongear_fitness) back in 2019 and it’s only grown since then. They offer gym wear for both genders and children with articles that are adjustable, speed-dry, fit and flattering. You can find joggers, tights, mesh tops and so much more in subtle yet bright colours. You won’t need to pay a pretty penny as their products range from reasonable Rs.1500-4000.

Shop your next Iron Gear pick here

3. Living Fit Apparel

“Living Fit Apparel ensures a luxury spin to athleisure wear, worn by Pakistan’s top fitness instructors, from yogis to CrossFit athletes to dancers to weight lifters.”

Living Fit Apparel (@livingfitapparel) is the result of one fitness lover, Sana and one artist, Manal. They came together to provide Pakistan with a brand that’s female lead and promises high quality, flexible and trendy gym wear. Their aim is to provide sleek designs that give the utmost comfort, so you can strut your stuff outside the gym as well. You can click their “Find Your Fit” section on their website to go through different sorts of recommendations concerning fabric, fit and style. Their range retails from Rs.1500-3000.

Find your fit here

4. Tuhura Athletics

“Pakistan’s first high-fashion gym wear brand dedicated to strong, beautiful women across the country!”

Tuhura Athletics (@tuhura.athletics) is a female run enterprise looking to provide women with high fashion gym wear. They have funky patterns, snake-skin and camo all in one store! You could go for a more mellow vibe with their pastel tracksuits or their neon range for days you feel more bold. They’ve collaborated with designer Nomi Ansari and are offering a limited edition line for those who love vivid hues and pop-art. Although they are a high fashion brand, the prices are anything but, as their range is Rs.1600-2800.

Click here to get the look

5. Peach Wear

“Peach was born from a love of daily sweat, the ambition to create and design athletic gear at the same time provide little luxuries with great comfort under an affordable price tag.”

Peach Wear (@peachwearpk) was born to provide women with stylish activewear throughout Pakistan. They have peaches, pinks, bright oranges, striped accents and so much more to offer. Among their more cheerful articles, they also have basic greys, blacks and whites for those who prefer a more easy-going vibe. Their gym wear is available at reasonable prices with a range of for Rs.950-3000.

Grab their snug apparel here

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