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5 Alternatives to The Body Shop to help save your skin and money this winter

5 Alternatives to The Body Shop to help save your skin and money this winter


It is ideal to always take care of your skin but as winter reaches its climax now that December’s here, it is important that we prioritize skincare so we don’t come out of our caves all crusty and busted when winter ends. Not only will that make you feel refreshed, but having a skincare routine will also help you feel more organised and ready to take on the world. If the whopping prices of skincare products from high-end brands, like The Body Shop, are what keep you from achieving that, here are some great local alternatives to help save your skin and money!


They have a wide array of organic skin and hair care products of the finest quality. Their best selling products from the ‘Rose Facewash’ to ‘Hair Repair Shampoo’ all retail for prices under Rs. 2,000.

Salina Cosmetics (@salinacosmetics)

Much like the above-mentioned store, this one offers organic hair and skincare products free of any harmful chemicals. They have all of their products available at extremely reasonable prices that stay below Rs. 1,500.

ENQ Products (@enqproducts)

Visiting their feed on Instagram’s going to make you want everything they have available. All their products are aesthetically pleasing to look at and go for less than Rs. 3,000. They also have amazing customer reviews so you should definitely check them out!

Primary Skin (@primary.skin)

This too is a store based in Karachi. They provide limited but amazing products alongside awareness about proper skincare, the chemicals you’re exposing your self to and are completely transparent about the ingredients they use. You will not regret giving them a chance and reading their blog posts as well!

OG Organix (og.organix)

This is an organic, eco-friendly and cruelty-free brand that provides highly effective skincare products. They have a great variety you can choose from, everything retailing for less than Rs. 3,000!

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