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4 Products to buy to completely revamp your room

4 Products to buy to completely revamp your room


If you’re tired of staring at your blank walls, boring overhead lighting and living in a room that doesn’t go well with your personality or if you’re just looking to revamp your room and spice things up a bit now that it has literally become your permanent habitat because of the pandemic. Here are some online stores that can help you transform your room in accordance with your personal style so you feel more at home, at your home.

Lightona (@lightona.pk)

Not only can you get standard fairy lights and lamps at this store, but you can also have customized signs and designs made as per your liking. Whether you want some neon sign up on your wall or turn your room into a literal wonderland, this is the place for you. The price varies from Rs. 250 for simple fairy lights and stays under Rs. 10,000 for other orders. Do you know what that means? It’s time to get lit! (sorry)

The Poster shop (thepostershop.pk)

It is about time you stopped staring at your blank white walls and start staring at the posters of your favourite indie band album covers on those walls. This store prints quality posters and offers a size range you can have your poster printed in with stick-ons at the back to peel off and put on your room wall without having to use tape. Their posters are extremely affordable, polaroids go for Rs. 200 for a set of four and the highest the price goes is Rs. 300 for A3 sized posters.

Scented Candle Stores (@hunza.candle and @thekandleco)

Wish your room smelled like a meadow or your favourite coffee and not winter loneliness? Well, wait no more because these stores offer a variety of fragrances you can order your scented candles in. They’re all hand poured and are available at prices depending on the size you order. You can find candles from Rs. 500 to Rs. 4,000 on these two stores so be sure to check them out!

Whimsical Firefly (@whimsical.firefly)

This store has all the little things that can be cute and quirky additions to your study table or your bedside, From mugs to badges to tote bags, cushion covers and zip file folders, everything is available for under Rs. 2,000! All these things will be enough to add just the right amount of colour to your room.

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