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30 Of Twitter’s Best Reactions To The Game Of Thrones Series Finale

30 Of Twitter’s Best Reactions To The Game Of Thrones Series Finale

Hussain Saeed

Winter is gone. Game of Thrones finally ended it’s 8 season run with an ending that has divided fans.

However, while many cannot agree with how the show should have ended, everyone does agree on the fact they want more. Well, until the prequel comes, you will have to wait. In the meantime, look at the best reactions to last night finale and see how fans have reacted to the show ending. Also some spoilers. You have been warned

Some really went there

Some even called out the writers of the show

Pretty Savage

They really didn’t hold back

Like seriously people were upset

Even former cast members couldn’t hold back

Spoilers without context are always the best

They really are the best

However, some loved the final episode

And had no idea what to do without the show

Some kept referencing the show

Some showed how they felt the character’s reacted

Some may have gone too far

Some even changed the finale

Some even noticed what they thought was an easter egg

And then they pointed to the ending

Some pointed to the mistakes they made

9GaG really had a field day after yesterday

People really went for the pop culture mashups

I mean seriously went for the mashups

Some people pointing out the awkward conversations

Others were in shock of the visuals of the finale

People were quick to jump at the opportunity to adopt Drogon

The hardest scene to watch all series

Even people who had not seen the show joined in on the fun

Some got thirsty in a weird way

People Couldn’t hold themselves back

However, people were still happy with the whole experience

They showed their love for the show

And show thanked their fans


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