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3 Army Officers Found Guilty For Abuse Of Power

3 Army Officers Found Guilty For Abuse Of Power

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Three Pakistan Army Majors have been found guilty on charges of indiscipline and misconduct, or more specifically, for abusing their power and being involved in illegal activities

The ISPR’s media wing issued a statement concerning the detainment of the three officials, confirming that charges had included “misuse of authority and involvement in illegal activities unbecoming of an officer”.

According to the military media officials, all three officers have been dismissed from service and two will serve jail time for two year each. The cause or nature of the charges has not been disclosed, however.

Previously, in August, an unknown army officer was awarded a life sentence after being convicted for misusing the given authority. Further back in May, retired army officer, Brig Raja Rizwan, and a military institution official, Dr Wasim Akram, were sentenced to death, while a 14-year jail sentence was given to retired Lt Gen Javed Iqbal for espionage.


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