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25 Times People Failed Epically

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25 Times People Failed Epically


We think we know it all and we’re above making mistakes. But then, epic fails bring us back to reality.

From a simple lapse of common sense to a glaring lack of logic, these moments of stupidity collected by us here at Team Propergaanda will leave you in disbelief, shock, and tears of laughter!

Here are 25 epic fails:

1. Let’s start with one of the more obvious ones

2. We all have mothers like this one

3. This person, who found the best hiding spot

4. This girl who didn’t know her fish species

5. Showing the world how smart Donald Trump fans really are

6. Well that’s awkward

7. Imagine what the cop thought had happened


9. I want to play against Kim K

10. Leonardo Dicaprio, painter

11. As a former debater, I’ve made this mistake way too often

12. This is why I don’t ask for help

13. #Desiparents

14. Don’t believe everything on the internet

15. Been there, done that

16. Never trust anyone

17. Fence, he means fence

18. #MOOD

19. Don’t do the crime if you can’t get away with it

20. Who would even think of this?

21. Marketing pro or epic fail?

22. I do wonder how they pulled it off.

23. That isn’t the worst thing in the world

24. This would totally happen to me

25. And finally, what even?

Share your epic fails in the comments below!