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25 cringiest things you can buy on Daraz

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25 cringiest things you can buy on Daraz


Daraz is practically the holy grail of online shopping in Pakistan. Anything and everything is available on this trove of treasures. Sometimes, however, you see something on Daraz that makes you truly question your choices. Things that no one in their right mind would ever want to own. Or maybe they would? 

Check out these 25 cringy products on Daraz that are just beyond comprehension. 

1. This is a sadistically disgusting pimple popper game and nothing more

Hilariously entitled “Pop It Pal” pimple popping game is the reason why God has forsaken us. Where and how does one get the idea of creating something so utterly bold? Plus, all you’re doing is promoting popping pimples which is bad for your skin! And if you find this satisfying please never let anyone know. 

Check it out here!

2.  Say goodbye to loneliness with this boyfriend pillow 

As if being single in this society wasn’t already sad enough, this boyfriend pillow will make your love life sadder! It would also be good to note that the pillow is designed to give your fake boyfriend washboard abs. Can you also sense a “using a boyfriend pillow to make my ex jealous” tiktok coming? 

Buy one for Your Royal Singleness here!

3. Fuelling your fascination with haunted items with this doll light

As if Annabelle alone wasn’t enough, this doll light makes use of several plastic dolls to make an LED light. Perfect for a birthday gift for a young child because what is life without some emotional scars? 

Shop now!

4. Bring some romance into your life with this wall decal 

Roses, butterflies and a lovely quote about love makes this wall decal the perfect mood setter. Recently married? Anniversary coming up? Want to scream your love to the world? Buy this wall decal that is the ultimate grand gesture because getting actual roses is just too tacky now. 

Check it out here!

5. Your fashion game will be unbeatable with these shoes 

Ever think your style is not appreciative enough of sea life? Worry not, for these PVC Fish Shoes will fix that. Not only are they giving Louboutin a run for his money, they are also useful because they are anti-skid and cheaper than high fashion. 

Look at how stylish they are!

6. If you’re a bag enthusiast, please add this to your collection

This hand bag has red roses, zebra print and a skull with yellow teeth on it! Where else will you get this much diversity in design? And if that wasn’t enough to make you buy it immediately it also says “TRUE LOVE FOREVER” which just makes it the best gift. 

Take a look at this mastery of design!

7. This phone cover will make your phone look like a bridal lehenga

Bedazzling done with rhinestones, a peacock brooch and pink and white fur, are all characteristics of this phone cover. If you want people to stop inviting you to places just use this “fancy” phone cover once and that’ll be the end of your social life. 

Introverts, get yours here!

8. This belt buckle will make you stand out at dinner parties 

Love the cowboy aesthetic but don’t know how to express it? Wear this belt buckle that is gold, silver, red and black at the same time! The design is also a mix between the pattern on the huge Pakistani blankets and a horse, what more could you want? 

Get one for yourself now!

9. This is perfect for those who can’t keep house plants alive

A silicone wall hanging that looks more like a lota than a flower pot. What more could you ask for? Forget sleek and aesthetically pleasing vases, just buy these stick-on pads to put your bouquets in. Side bonus: you can stick it on the fridge too!

Shop it here!

10. A perfume bottle too stunning to handle 

This heart shaped perfume component will serve as the best addition to your vanity. Not only is it a too bright to handle shade of red, the structuring also allows it to recline on one half of the heart because one-sided love is the true meaning behind it. 

Get one for yourself here!

11. This is taking the term “chicken legs” way too far

Knee-high socks with chicken legs on the front? Where did that idea even come from? Years of toning your calves went down the drain with just a pair of socks. Good news for those who get made fun of because of their legs though, just buy some for your bully and watch how the tables turn. 

Shop now!

12. This sequin pillow is customisable with your face 

Coming in shiny sequins that can be moved in one direction to reveal someone’s face, these sequin pillows will be the perfect addition to your decor. It is recommended to get the face of your MCM or WCW added on to it so you can pretend you actually have a chance with them!

Order yours now!

13. If you’re a true X-Men Cyclops fan but also love pink these sunglasses are for you

These Futuristic Wrap Around Glasses that look too much like a headband are the next big fashion trend. Not only do they shield you from the sun with a useful layer of pink, you can also pretend you shoot lasers with your eyes.   

Buy yours now!

14. Saving you both from the rain and from making any friends

This umbrella hat, yes you read that right, is practically the freshest addition you could make to your outfit this summer. It is so fresh that it deserves to be in the trash where all your fruit chaat rejects go. If you buy it though, it can be paired with any outfit due to its variety in colours (not that it should be paired with anything). 

Check it out here!

15.  If you love gothic things and pooping, this product should be on your list 

This skeleton shaped toilet paper holder is bathroom decor too elegant for interior designers to understand. Who wouldn’t want a creepy skeleton with a grin too wide to be normal watching them as they do their business? 

Buy one for yourself immediately!

16. This pregnant chicken toy lays an already cracked egg

If your child isn’t keen on science, get them this egg laying chicken to teach them about the circle of life. It won’t exactly be correct (unless you know of a chicken that lays cracked and ready to cook eggs) but it might scar them enough to become a vet! 

Click here to buy one for your kid (or yourself, no judgement here)!

17. This ring box is perfect for a dream proposal

A car ring box that opens up like a top down is what every girl has nightmares about, hence the dream proposal! But it’s perfect if you want to let your loved one know they should keep their expectations low from the start. 

Buy and propose now (please note: a “yes!” is NOT guaranteed with the box). 

18. An almari made for tiny people 

Regular almaris too big for your clothes? Normal jewellery boxes too nice for your taste? This small wooden almari is the fix to all your problems. You can fit all your 2 by 2 items in its wooden interior and the red engraved rose on the doors just makes it better. 

Buy one for the tiny person in your life now!

19. If you love cooking, these earrings are perfect for you

These asymmetrical jewellery pieces where one side is the flipper and the other is a pan with a fried egg are just too elegant to pass up. You will definitely be the talk of the town with a statement piece like this. It’s not guaranteed that all the talking will be good, though. But let the haters hate, right?

Take a look here!

20. With these shoes you don’t ever need to get a manicure done

These floor shoes complete with slippers and nail polish for show are perfect if you haven’t been able to get your nails done in a while. Not because it will cover them up, but because no one will talk to you anymore if you wear these shoes on a regular basis. 

See them here!

21. Take a dip in the pool of love with this stunning floatie

A heart shaped, pink, glittering floatie that is perfect for couples? Yes, please! But no, in all seriousness if you ever decide to go for a dip with a special someone and use an inflatable heart shaped floatie…it would be better to just drown. 

Just look at it!

22. A sticker lamp for those who don’t own any side tables 

Not only does this wall lamp have functioning LED lights, it is also embellished because you can have pretty things without side tables too. You can also attach it to the ceiling if you’re running low on bulbs, how cool is that!

Get it for yourself immediately!

23. Your neck will no longer get tired with this too cute to handle neck pillow

If you don’t already get weird looks on an airplane for being a Pakistani, this cow shaped neck pillow will ensure that all eyes are on you. It is also perfect for anyone who wants to be a true cowboy or cowgirl. 

Buy yours here!

24. Think your decor is too bland? Fix it with this wall hanging

If you own this “Hum Traffic Aur Pyaar Mein Phaste Nahin” frame, I just have two questions for you. Who broke your heart? And where in Pakistan do you not get stuck in traffic? So that the rest of the Pakistani awaam can find solace as well. 

Get yours here.

25. Skincare has never been cuter with this panda sheet mask

Have you also always dreamed of being a panda? This sheet mask will help you live the dream for at least 15 minutes. Because who doesn’t want to look like they’ve got two black eyes, a broken nose and black lipstick on!

Get yours here!

All products are selected by the editors and all photos are sourced from daraz.pk.  

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