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21 gifts for the chai lovers in your life

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21 gifts for the chai lovers in your life


Fingers wrapped tight around a steaming mug, afraid that someone might ask them to share, and the appalled face they make when someone serves them undercooked chai are all key components of a chai addict. When it comes to their chai they have a lot of opinions and so it might get intimidating to find the perfect gift for them. Worry not though, for below a long list of the best gifts for chai addicts has been compiled to assure you do not offend Their Royal Highness and their chai.

Here are 21 perfect gifts for every chai lover. 

1. Teazuro promises something different than the basic black tea

Teazuro ( @teazuro) offers a variety of flavoured teas such as Super Berry, Chamomile, and Milky Oolong. Their products are perfect for a health freak that loves tea since they offer an all organic TeaTox range as well. They also offer gift boxes. 

Their prices start at Rs. 795. 

Shop here

source (@teazuro)
source (@teazuro)

2. Their cane sugar is premium quality and all natural

Soul Food (@soulfoodpk) offers Raw Cane Sugar with no extra additives. It is full of essential minerals and antioxidants that make it all the more healthier than chemically enhanced sweeteners. 

It is priced at Rs. 250 for 345 grams! 

Buy it here

source (@soulfoodpk)

3. This teacup and saucer duo is the perfect gift to someone who loves sophisticated colours 

Ismail Homes (@ismail.homes) offers the perfect monochrome teacups and saucers. They have gold detailing and come in the beautiful shades of green, red, and blue. 

They are priced at Rs. 2100. 

Place an order here

source (@ismail.homes)

4. If your chai lover has a knack for sarcasm, these mugs are perfect for them 

Inappropriate Gifting (@inappropriategifting) offers the most hilarious range of mugs. They have many designs, some of them are entitled “Obsessive Chai Disorder” and “Shuh Duh Fuh Cup”. 

They are priced at Rs. 999. 

Check them out here

source (@inappropriategifting)

5. Your old school chai lover will love these truck art kettles 

Urban Truck Art (@urbantruckart) offers a wide range of hand painted chainaks and kettles. They are perfect for hosting cute tea parties! 

The prices start at Rs. 1299. 

Buy them here

source (@urbantruckart)

6. These coasters are perfect for chai drinkers who spill some tea 

Kaanch Sa (@kaanch.sa) sells the most stunning and minimalistic coasters made of resin. Their work is perfect for someone who loves a touch of simplicity and sparkle at the same time. They have products such as “Blue Hydrangea Coasters”.

A set of three coasters is priced around Rs. 1650. 

Place your order here

source (@kaanch.sa)

7. Fridge magnets that’ll fit the aesthetic of any chai lover 

Fridge Magnets Pakistan (@fridge_magnets_pakistan) offers the cutest range of magnets. They have designs such as teacups and others that can be personalised for anyone. 

Their prices start at Rs. 350.

Buy yours here

source (@fridge_magnets_pakistan)

8. These trays are perfect for hosting tea parties  

The Craft Company (@thecraftcompany) has wooden trays in multiple designs. Colourful Mughal art style and even simple mosaic patterns. Their beauty makes them the best trays for any party.

The price point starts from Rs. 3000. 

Check them out here

source (@thecraftcompany)

9. These Alice in Wonderland inspired teacup candles are the cutest gift 

Candle Works (@candle_works) has a range of candles that come in the cutest small teacups. They are scented with the luscious fragrance of the motia flower. 

The prices start at Rs. 1500. 

See these candles here

source (@candle_works)

10. This T-shirt’s perfect for those who practically bleed chai 

Tshirts Pk (@tshirts_pk) sells this cute black and white t-shirt entitled “Coffee Heartbeat T-Shirt”. It has a cup linked to a heartbeat printed on it. 

It’s priced at Rs. 699

Buy it from here

source (@tshirts_pk)

11. If you want to gift them something custom made these hoodies are the way to go

My T-Shirt Printing Store (@mytshirtprintingstore) can print any design on the softest and most comfortable hoodies. Their sizes ranges from S-XL. 

The prices vary with the designs but averagely cost around Rs. 1500. 

Order here!

source (@mytshirtprintingstore)

12. These customised phone covers are perfect for those who are chai lovers and are not afraid to show it

Your Gift Shop Pk (@yourgiftshop.pk) sells personalised phone covers with any design that you want. You could add poetry about chai, chai stickers and so much more to the covers to make them perfect! 

They are priced at Rs. 1100.

Buy here!

source (@yourgiftshop.pk)

13. For those who love doodh pati but are vegan, these “mylks” are perfect 

Vegan and entirely organic, these mylks from Thoughtful Kitchen (@thoughtfulkitchen) are the perfect alternative for milk. They come in a variety of flavours such as Rose Almond, Coconut Almond, and Golden Almond. 

They are priced between Rs. 600 to Rs. 750.

Visit their page here

source (@thoughtfulkitchen)

14. Polaroids are perfect for that friend who is looking to set up a chai corner for themselves. 

Polaroids Pk (@_polaroids.pk) curated the most perfect custom polaroid photos. They come in various sizes and are perfect to decorate any nook with remnants of fun memories with people. 

They sell in packs for around Rs. 400. 

Order here!

source (@_polaroids.pk)

15. For poetry fanatic chai lovers get these frames customised with poetry about chai. 

These frames from Ink Factory (@inkfactoryonline) can be customised to say anything you want. They make the perfect gift to add a little element of poetry into. 

They come in different sizes and their prices start from Rs. 450. 

View them here!

16. Chai is incomplete without a batch of fresh cookies to accompany it 

The best gift you can give a chai lover is something to go along with their favourite drink. Add a box of cookies to your gift basket and tick all the boxes that make a gift phenomenal. Below are just a few examples of shops that deliver fresh cookies.

Prices vary with each business and the amount of cookies you get.

source (@thecookiejarlahore)
source (@chunk_yard)
source (@dezatocakehouse)

17. Speaking of cookies, these cookie jars will keep all their desserts fresh

Flamingo Decor (@flamingodecorpk) offers the perfect cookie and candy jars. They’re elegant and make for the perfect splash of colour. They have many different sizes and designs. 

It’s priced at Rs. 1800 to Rs. 2450. 

Shop here!

source (@flamingodecorpk)

18. This organic snack works best for the health freaks

Granola is a light and organic snack that goes perfectly with hot beverages. Seventh Heaven Inc. (@seventh_heaveninc) delivers different flavours of granola such as Cranberry and Almond, and Nutty Chocolate. 

The prices start from Rs. 400.

Shop here

source (@seventh_heaveninc)

19. If the chai addict in your life wants to beat the heat this summer with some iced tea this jug is perfect for them

Urban Truck Art (@urbantruckart) sells stunning jugs made for wowing everyone at parties! They come in different vibrant colours and can be customised to fit the aesthetic of anyone. 

The jugs are priced at Rs. 1999. 

Place your order here

source (@urbantruckart)

20. Keep them and their teas organised with this wooden tea bag sorter 

This organiser by Pakistani Crafts (@pakistanicrafts) is elegant and simplistic. It comes with a lid that you can see through and has different sections for different teas. 

It’s priced at Rs. 1500. 

Place an order here

source (@pakistanicrafts)

21. Get them some of these stickers to put on their belongings 

Stickers by The Sticker Factory (@thestickerfactory13) are cute and easy to order. They make for the perfect fun gift for any chai lover especially with their designs that can be customised to fit the chai aesthetic. 

They are priced starting from at Rs. 20.

Shop them here!

source (@thestickerfactory13)

All products are selected by the editors.

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