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20 scented candles you can buy locally that are perfect for the 2020 winter


20 scented candles you can buy locally that are perfect for the 2020 winter


2020 has been a dead ringer for a nightmare that’s fit for a movie directed by Steven Spielberg himself. Just as things were seemingly calming down and life was returning to ‘normal’ (whatever that means anymore), Pakistan and most other countries have been thrown into the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. While offices still remain open, schools may be closing again and it’s safe to say a lot of us will be spending a significant amount of time at home during the winter months.

A trip to the spa or a weekend getaway may seem risky, but thankfully candles are a sure-shot way of adding a luxurious element to either a living space or a home office.

Here’s a list of candles that can be ordered online and delivered to your doorstep, without you having to risk stepping out unnecessarily:

Meem Candle Studio

The yummiest candle ever?! Apple Crumble by the Meem Studio

This candle by the MEEM candle studio, based in Lahore, has a top note of cinnamon and clove with base notes of Pie Crust, Vanilla and Caramel. These scented candles are made out of 100% soy wax and hand poured.
You can place your order here.

Take a look at these candles from the studio if you like scrumptious scents

French Lavender in a marble jar with three wicks

Order here.

Peach Please with notes of Mandarin, Raspberry and Coconut

Order here.

Dark Room with notes of coffee, sugar and cream.

Order here.

The Karachi Candle Company

Motia Noir by the Karachi Candle Company

Motia or the jasmine plant flowers in the summer months, but the Motia Noir candle from the Karachi Candle Company will make any room smell like you’ve got a vase full of handpicked motias. The two-wick soy wax candle burns for 35-40 hours based and with its minimalistic glass jar and silver lid, it easily compliments the aesthetics of any room.
Order the candle here.

If you liked flower scented candles, you’ll definitely like these three:

Raat ki Raani

Order here.

Nargis, with subtle notes of Bakhoor.

Order here.

A combination of Pakistani, British and French roses topped off with notes of honey.

Order here.

Honey I’m Home Candles

Double Shot on Ice

Honey I’m Home is another Lahore based Candle Studio which makes 100% Bees Wax and Soy Wax blended candles. The Premium Double Shot on Ice candle comes in a frosted brown glass packaging that burns for 42 hours.

The studio stocks at the Serai Concept Store, Shop La Villa and Kayal Online. Order Double Shot on Ice here.

In addition to premium candles, Honey I’m Home also makes luxury custom candles and basics

Fireside with notes of spicy amber, pine and cream

Order here.

Plush which smells like freshly washed clean linen

Order here.

Cupid, with a clean note of Vanilla

Order here.


Vanilla Coco

 The Colish candles come in 2 or 3 wick styles in a sleek black jar that exudes luxury. The Vanilla Coco candle, made of a soy wax blend, contains notes of coconut, jasmine and vanilla.
Order Vanilla Coco here.

Here are a few other candles by Colish that have a unique blend of smells.

Black Rose & Oud

Order here.

Holy Saffron with notes of blue saffron, balsam, leather and musk

Order here.

Absolute Santal with velvety notes of sandalwood

Order here.


Take the day off!

Karachi based Candle Company Prat! offer scented candles poured in either glass or ceramic jars. Take the Day Off comes in a white painted ceramic jar with notes of Coconut and Lime.
Order here.

Prat! has two other candles in cute ceramic jars up for grabs along with a white tea scent

Boldly Playful with notes of Patchouli and rose

Order here.

Pride Candle with notes of Mediterranean Fig & Blackcurrant

Order here.

White Tea

Order here.

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