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19 items for a DIY spa day to get you ready for an Eid in lockdown

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19 items for a DIY spa day to get you ready for an Eid in lockdown


Eid is just around the corner but there are no signs of the COVID situation getting any better. And even if they do, it is in nobody’s best interest to go around visiting salons and spas. That, however, does not mean that you should not pamper and treat yourself to a little self care. It also does not mean that you have to look any less grand this Eid. The perfect remedy to your scary reality is to just let your hair down and have a DIY spa day.

Here are 19 things to make sure you have all that you need to pamper yourself. 

1. Nothing is better than some luxury loungewear to chill in 

After a long day of studying, work or even chores nothing feels better than getting out of some sweaty clothes and into something soft and comfortable. Sasó (@saso.pakistan) delivers on their promise of luxury with their supple and silky loungewear that comes in different styles, fabrics and designs. They have gowns, pajama sets and more available to order. 

Their designs are cute and feminine such as the “Polka Heart Set” and the “Candy Set” available in both blue and pink.

They are priced between Rs. 3500 to Rs. 5000 and they currently have a sale going on as well. 

Shop here!

source (@saso.pakistan)
source (@saso.pakistan)

2. Set the perfect mood for a spa day with these scented candles 

These 100% natural soy wax candles from Meem Candle Studio (@meemcandlestudio) are environmentally friendly and smell delicious. One of the key aspects of a true spa day is having surroundings that fit the ideal of one and these candles will assure that. They have scented candles, numerous wick candles and even aesthetically pleasing pillar candles. 

They offer a variety of scents such as “Apple Crumble” and “Don’t Phool Me”.

The standard scented candle is priced between Rs. 1250 to Rs. 4000 but ones with more wicks, for example, can vary in cost. 

Buy yours here

source (@meemcandlestudio)

3. This exfoliating face polish will give you an instant healthy glow

With the amount of heat and dust in Pakistan, it sometimes becomes really hard to find locally sourced products that actually work. Salina Cosmetics (@salinacosmetics) offers a “SweetGlow Exfoliating Face Polish” that is to be applied to the face with circular motions and left on the skin for 5-10 minutes for the best results.

It can be used up to 3-4 times a week without damaging the skin.

It is priced at Rs. 1400 and has a net weight of 100 grams per jar. 

Check it out here!

source (@salinacosmetics)

4. This mask claims to be pregnancy safe 

Spa In A Bottle (@spainabottlebyrabia) believes that healthy skin defeats the need for makeup. Keeping this in mind they carefully curate their products to maximise its benefits for the skin. Their Instant Glow Face Mask is the perfect revitaliser for your skin promising to act against aging, acne scars and marks and ensuring a radiant complexion upon regular use.

The component has a 100 grams of product and for each use a little bit  is to be mixed with water, honey or yoghurt to form a paste and applied to the skin for 15 minutes.

It sells for Rs. 850.

Shop it here now!

source (@spainabottlebyrabia)

5. This salicylic acid cleanser strengthens your natural skin barrier

Most cleansers can be too harsh and dehydrating for the skin. This OG Organix (@og.organix) Clarifying Cleanser goes deep into your skin and cleans your pores and rids your face of any dirt. It is non-irritating, stimulates growth of healthy skin tissue and is enriched with vitamin E. 

It has a silky, non-foaming texture that is gentle on the skin. 

It is priced at Rs. 1600 and will be delivered within 3-4 working days. 

Place your order here!

source (@og.organix)

6. This moisturiser is enriched with papaya and cucumber extracts as well as Kojic acid

With the debilitating air conditions in Pakistan it has become hard to find products that protect your skin from the effects of pollution. ILYNN (@ilynn.skincare) offers an Illuminating Daily Nourishment Moisturiser that is meant to be an all in one product and safe for all skin types. 

It also performs as an SPF 40 sunblock. 

The component has 80ml of products and sells for Rs. 2000.

Buy it here!

source (@ilynn.skincare)

7. Start off your day with a relaxing bath with these cute bath bombs 

Bath Bombs are the perfect unique addition to your routine. These bath bombs from Bath Bombs Co. (@bathbombspk) add softening agents to your bath water that works wonders for your skin. They also come in cute colours and relaxing scents to make the experience more memorable. 

They have different shapes and colours available. 

One is priced between Rs. 500 to Rs. 600.

Shop yours now!

source (@bathbombspk)

8. This lip scrub is free of all chemical toxins 

The drying weather has a lot of adverse effects especially for lips that can end up chapped and bleeding. This Natural Lip Scrub from Conatural (@conatural) is made with sugar to exfoliate away the dead skin on your lips and almond and vanilla essential oils to hydrate and give a healthy colour to your lips. 

Regular use evens out the colour tone and maintains the softness of the lips.  

The 55g scrub is priced at Rs. 664. 

Check it out here!

source (@conatural)

9. Use these lip balms after scrubbing your lips

A lip balm should be an essential part of your skincare. These lip balms from Galore Skincare (@galore.pk) nourish and soften your lips as well as even out the colour. It also helps protect the natural moisture of your lips and leaves a delicious scent on them. 

They have multiple flavours available such as mint, coconut, strawberry and orange. 

One is priced at Rs. 350 to Rs. 450.

Get yours here

source (@galore.pk)

10. Get rid of the dead skin on your body with this scrub 

Such scrub can help regulate blood flow to your skin and also cleanse the outer surface of your body. These body scrubs by Purify by Faiqa Kahalwan (@purify_fk) are the perfect exfoliants for your body, ensuring that all the dead skin gets removed and smoothened out. It also helps bring a natural glow to your skin. 

They have three different types available that are the Ice Mint Body Scrub, the Blueberry Body Scrub and the Coco Honey Body Scrub.

They are priced at Rs. 800 each.

Shop yours now!

source (@purify_fk)
source (@purify_fk)

11. This woman owned skincare line has all natural, handmade skincare

Your face encounters an entire day’s worth of dust, sweat and sunlight which makes it extremely fragile. This Oatally Amazing Face Scrub from Scoop O Scrub (@scooposrcub) is made for all skin types and can be used to exfoliate, hydrate and even keep acne at bay. It also helps scrub away the remnants of the harsh day to refresh your skin. 

It is made with soft sugar, essential oils and raw honey for the best results.

One is priced at Rs. 890. 

Buy them here!

source (@scooposrcub)

12. Cold pressed essential oils to nourish your body

Sometimes nothing works better than some organic beneficial oils. Purify Oils (@purifyoils) offers a huge variety of essential oils that have numerous benefits such as treating acne, reducing dandruff, prevention of puffiness and repairing of damaged skin.

Their oils include Onion Oil that can help with hair fall and Apricot Oil that promotes radiance. 

They are priced between Rs. 550 to Rs. 1350. 

View them here!

source (@purifyoils)
source (@purifyoils)

13. This is an organic blend of nine oils for your hair 

Your hair requires just as much care as your skin. If you have frizzy, dry and weak hair this Intense Treatment Hair Oil from Nirvana Botanics (@nirvanabotanics) is perfect for you. Not only does it deal with these issues it also adds a natural shine and volume to your skin. 

The numerous oils include Lavender Oil and Eucia Sativa. 

One bottle is priced at Rs. 1475 and can last you up to 2.5 months. 

Buy one for yourself here!

source (@nirvanabotanics)

14. This female operated business sells the best hair mask 

The Healthy Hair Mask from Hair Matters (@hair.matters) is a curation of 5 powdered herbs that are to be used with yoghurt for an instant boost of moisture especially for dehydrated and damaged hair. It makes the hair soft and because of its scrub-like texture it cleanses the scalp as well. 

It prevents dandruff and oiliness on the scalp and roots as well. 

Buy one for Rs. 650. 

Check it out here!

source (@hair.matters)

15. Add to the experience with these luxurious silk tie backs for your hair 

These silk scrunchies and headbands from Scrunchies Pakistan (@scrunchies.pk) are perfect to hold your hair back whilst performing your skincare ritual. The fabric is non damaging to your hair and they come in various colours and styles. 

They even have patterned ones available that can be coordinated with your loungewear. 

They are priced averagely at Rs. 500. 

See them here!

source (@scrunchies.pk)

16. Speaking of experience, buy these locally sourced crystals to help with your aura and energy

One of the many important things about a spa is that they use the concept of aligning energies to ensure you leave calm and happy. Feyre Crystals (@feyrecrystals) has high quality crystals that are not only locally sourced and beautiful but also help you spiritually.

They have crystals such as Aqua Crystal and Quartz that helps with anger Nishapuri Feroza which promotes creativity. 

They are all priced differently according to the rarity and type of stone that it is. 

Check them out here!

source (@feyrecrystals)

17. Stop using razors and blades and promote longer lasting hair removal 

This wax from The Waxperts (@the.waxperts) is homemade, eco-friendly and perfect if you’re looking softer, less bumpy skin after hair removal. Their wax comes in different sized jars ranging from 250g to 1000g. 

It also does not require a wax warmer and can easily be heated using a microwave.

It retails according to size ranging from Rs. 595 to Rs. 995. 

Order now!

source (@the.waxperts)

18. These acrylic popoffs are perfect to fulfil all your nail art fantasies 

The Nail Attic by Zawrah & S (@tnabyzawrah) has handmade and customised nail sets perfect for any occasion especially if your nails break easily or you have issues with nail growth. Not only are they easy to put on but they also come off extremely easily and do not damage the nail underneath.

She takes limited orders and ensures quality in all her nails that include sets such as the “Sweet Thing” and “Akatsuki” sets. 

They are all priced differently but average around Rs. 2000 to Rs. 2500. 

Get them here!

source (@tnabyzawrah)
source (@tnabyzawrah)

19. What is Eid without some mehendi 

On chaand raat if the house is not filled with the scent of mehendi then it doesn’t truly feel like Eid. Even though you might not be able to go out and have your mehendi done by a professional, these cones from Kolachi Mehendi Co. (@kolachimehendi) are natural and chemical free, perfect to do your own mehendi at home. 

These cones can stay fresh for upto six months in the freezer and they also offer care balms for aftercare and better results. 

They come in bundles starting from Rs. 1000. 

Buy yours now!

source (@kolachimehendi)

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