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15 lives lost in major road accident in Balochistan


15 lives lost in major road accident in Balochistan

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On Friday morning, fifteen people were killed in a tragic road accident between a passenger bus and a pick-up in Qila Saifullah near Muslim Bagh, Balochistan.

According to rescue workers, one passenger was able to survive the crash. A man by the name of Gul Mohammad was able to jump out of the passenger seat of the bus right before the deadly collision.

Reports claim that the accident was caused by overspeeding of the vehicles. According to Edhi sources, the pick-up was carrying containers of oil and diesel, which caused the vehicles to combust upon collision.

Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan, in describing the incident, claimed that it has become commonplace for vehicles plying the province’s roads to be carrying smuggled oil and these vehicles “are a major cause of accidents”.

Despite restrictions in place, no action is taken against such vehicles, raising questions about the inefficiency of the departments concerned.

“The accident will be investigated and a report will be presented,” he maintained. He questioned why no law enforcement agency took notice of “the suspicious vehicle”.

The chief minister has announced that he has directed the Balochistan chief secretary to investigate the incident and present a report to him within the next 24 hours.

The Muslim Bagh deputy minister has yet to release a response regarding the incident.

The bodies are in the process of being shifted to Civil Hospital in Quetta for identification.

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