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15 Amusing Tweets by PTI and PML-N Fans That Made Absolutely No Sense

15 Amusing Tweets by PTI and PML-N Fans That Made Absolutely No Sense

Manaal Shuja

We’re less than a week away from elections, and the Twitter storm just keeps on getting more and more intense. PTI and PML-N supporters, perhaps most especially, seem unable to curb their anticipation. Consequently, they often make statements on Twitter that don’t always make a whole lot of sense. Here are some of the most ludicrous tweets yet!

1) Election Strategy: Jail Break

2) Isn’t it a little late (not to mention irrelevant) to start worrying about feelings?

3) Just a hunch, but ‘NS’ probably has better things to worry about right now than waiting around for fans.

4) Not a fan of Fazlur Rehman either – but what is that last line trying to say exactly? Do we even want to know?

5) This would have been fine if not for the ‘think about your sisters and mother’ part. For once in their lives, maybe leave them alone to think for themselves?

6) When you want to be savage but also passive-aggressive at the same time, so you end up contradicting the hell out of yourself:

7) Are we endorsing marriage or prime-ministership?

8) Leave it to Pakistanis to make everything about food. 

9) The monsoon says it would really like to be left out of this entire election fiasco. 

10) Must be nice for things to be so black and white.

11) What is this obsession with using biryani as a euphemism for God-knows-what?

 12) I think there may be slightly more to that hate than just because he’s the best, bud. 

13) Probably the one tweet that ends up making a little sense without actually making any sense (if that makes sense):

 14) Might be better if people stop trying to reason it out and instead just say what they want to say – which in this case is ‘IK for the win, period’. 

15) The President has spoken!


It feels like this might be just the beginning. Even Twitter may be begging for a time-out once election day is finally upon us. Let the countdown begin!




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