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14-year old kills mother for ‘taking away her phone’

14-year old kills mother for ‘taking away her phone’


What happened?

On Wednesday, a teenage girl murdered her mother after she took away her cellphone in a central district of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, the police reported.

The crime took place in the Kotha village of Swabi district.

The deceased mother had scolded her daughter after finding out about her relationship with her cousin and had confiscated her mobile phone.

What you should know

“The woman’s 14-year-old daughter was missing while all the furniture appeared to have been tossed around,” DSP Khan added.

“Gold jewelry was also missing from the house which led us to believe it might have been armed robbery-cum-kidnapping.”

“Arshad told police investigators that he had received a call from the girl on the day of the incident.

He rushed to receive her when she told him that she had left her home for good,” DSP Khan said.

However, Arshad panicked when she told him that she had also murdered her mother.

“This scared the young man out of his wits. He left the girl at his sister’s place in Nowshera and left for Rawalpindi alone,” DSP Khan said.

What else?

The girl, taken into custody, told the police investigators that she had a love affair with her cousin Arshad Iqbal and that they used to talk over the phone.

When the mother discovered this, she scolded her and took away her phone.

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