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Support local businesses by buying these 11 handmade crafts

Support local businesses by buying these 11 handmade crafts


Handicrafts or handmade products are good for the environment and by supporting these artists and local businesses, you’re not only helping them keep a certain tradition and culture going but you’re also getting your hands on unique pieces that are eco-friendly and one of a kind. Here is a list of 12 handmade products you can buy from local stores on Instagram.

1- Handbag

This is a resin handbag by (@stemsandpetals.pk) made out of fresh dried daisies. It retails for Rs 5,500. you can get this here.

This store also offers a huge variety of things you can buy like jewellery, trinket trays and even phone cases. This “jade” pendant retails for Rs. 2,000. You can get it here.

For more handmade jewellery options, click here.

2- Keychains

If you’re looking for one of a kind keychains, look no further. these keychains are hand embroidered and can be customised to suit your liking. These are available here for Rs. 1,000.

These quirky gun resin keychains by @kalopsia.pk retail for Rs. 200.

3- Toys

This set of woodland animals crafted from leftover beechwood by One Earth Toys encourages imaginative play and can also be used to decorate a room. It retails for Rs. 2,000. Get this here.

4- Pots

These refreshing succulents come in creative pots that can be customized as per the customer’s request. these are all handmade and hand-painted by The Succulent fairies (@succulentfaries) on Instagram. This one is available for Rs. 1,150. Get it here.

5- Scrunchies

These adorable multi-coloured organza chiffon scrunchies by Kalopsia are available for Rs. 200 each but You can get 3 for Rs. 500 here.

6- Head-bands

This 100% silk bandana by Mapra can be tied in a number of ways and looks super classy. You can get this here for Rs. 850

7- Tote Bag

For all the astronauts and stargazers out there, this is a Space-themed hand-embroidered tote bag by Tallazan which retails for Rs. 2,500. You can buy this here.

8- Plant Hanger

If you’re tired of plants placed on the floor or your table And want to change things up you can buy these plant hangers. This minimal plant hanger is available for Rs. 3,200, here.

9- Cushions

This is a sustainable pick with A vintage pattern, made out of vegetable dyed hand spun pure wool. This will be a perfect decorative piece for your home and it retails for Rs. 5,400 per pair. You can get this here.

10- Chime

The earthy sound of soulful meditation with this terracotta and bamboo chime as the birds chirp in the background will make a perfect gift for your loved ones. You can this here for Rs. 1,850.

11- Journal

This intricately patterned mixed media art journal is one of a kind and portrays the creative talent of @artaesthetics.pk. It retails for Rs. 5,500.You can but this here.

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