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11 Things You Need To Know About The Chinese Sex Trafficking Ring Bust

11 Things You Need To Know About The Chinese Sex Trafficking Ring Bust


You may have missed it, but the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has been in the middle of a nationwide crackdown on a Chinese sex trafficking ring.

With everything else that’s going on in the news, we’d thought we would make this easier for you but listing everything you need to know about what is going on;

1. The FIA has so far arrested over two dozen Chinese (27 as of the right of this article) for their alleged involvement in this trafficking ring

2.This ring spans 3 major cities, with raids being conducted in Lahore, China and Rawalpindi.

3. 4 girls have also been also been recovered and reunited with their families.

4. Weapons, Chinese passports, illicit medicines and gold ornaments among others were also recovered during the raid.

5. The alleged tricked Pakistani families by proposing marriage to the girls, who were then sent to rural areas in China. The families were given large sums of money, giving the impression of a well-to-do Chinese family.

6. All of the girls were from low-income families, while most belonged to the Christian community. The alleged traffickers would scout and approach some of these girls outside churches.  

7. The girls, some of which are underage, were forced into sex and organ trafficking. Some have been gotten pregnant as a result.

8. The estimate number of girls that have been trafficked is not exactly known, but officials and activists are saying it could be as high as 90!

9. Local marriage bureaus have been apparently been involved, leading to 3 arrested of locals.

10. The Chinese government is one on who actually brought this attention to light, when a few weeks ago they had shown serious concerns with Pakistan over marriages of some Chinese nationals with Pakistani girls and pointed out involvement of some marriage bureaus, operating in Pakistan, in this illegal matchmaking business. It was after this that our government took action.

11. This scandal may not be over; the people are still under FIA investigation, with arrests/raid being made every day. Let’s hope this gets resolved and all the girls are brought back safely.


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