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11 styling tips inspired by hip hop’s most famous rappers

11 styling tips inspired by hip hop’s most famous rappers


Defined as laid-back yet boujee, hip hop fashion has always been the top runner of the fashion leagues. Then a style adopted by only a few male African American New Yorkers is now adopted by people of all genders, races and age groups. Oftentimes, I scroll past Stormi Webster’s pictures and sigh. You will do the same if a three-year-old has a better dressing sense than you. Although we can’t possibly afford expensive labels, we can still achieve the style. If you too, like us, are balling on a budget, then this is the right article. 

Here’s how you can step up your drip in 11 not-so-expensive ways:

1. Get a personalised pair of classic kicks 

Popular shoe brands have been taking their chances with who’s who of the rap elite: Kanye West, Nas, Jay-Z and ASAP Rocky.  Nothing can elevate a look better than the right kind of shoes. 

Dripping Customs (@dripping.customs) uses Angelus leather paints to paint Nike Air Force 1’s. 

They can customise anything, customers just need to give them a theme. They charge Rs. 7,000 to paint on Air Force 1’s. 

Check them out here!

2. Too much ice, Too much ice, Too much ice on me ♪♫

The only way to look expensive is to throw lots and lots of diamonds on your outfit. Diamond studded necklace, earring, rings and watches will make you look like the highest, in-demand rapper, in no time. 

Get your bling on with Totone (@totone.pk). 

They have a collection of diamond rings, necklaces and bracelets. The price of diamond jewellery starts from Rs. 1,250. 

Get it now here!

3. ‘I have enough tattoos’ said no rap-star ever 

We understand you might not be able to get 69 tattooed on your forehead, without getting hateful stares from the aunties of your family. For that reason, we suggest going for temporary tattoos. 

Blingspot (@blingspot.pk) has an array of temporary tattoos. 

Get one of these and stick them on your face, back, arms or wherever skin exists. The price starts from Rs. 95.

Get them here!

4. Channel your inner Offset with a super fly tracksuit 

Going grocery shopping? Wear tracks. Going to a wedding? Wear tracks. Going to collect your grammy? PUT ON YOUR TRACKS! 

Tooney Teez (@tooney.teez) is known for its pop culture-inspired collection of clothing. Currently, their tracks are on sale and start from Rs. 2,400. 

Check them out here!

5. Embrace street fashion for The Streets 

Street style is probably the best urban subculture’s contribution to fashion. 

Nukta’s (@nukta.co) latest collection Nukta X Hamza Bokhari is a perfect guide for street fashion.  

Prices start from Rs.1,490. 

Visit their website here!

6. Choose chunky over fine chain necklaces 

Dainty gold chains are the trendiest accessory and we love them. Layer as many chunky chains to get the perfect drip. 

We recommend wearing Jewels and Jewels’ (@jewelsbynoorr) Gold Chunky Curb chain, Altin Chunky chain and Gold Rope chain together. 

All three of these cost between RS. 1,350 to Rs.1,750. 

Get these here!

7. Show off a bit of your designer underwear 

WARNING: Your parents might castigate you for doing this. No rapper look is complete without a bit of boxer band showing above the trousers. 

Mendeez’s (@mendeezofficial) Magma Boxer Briefs are perfect to pull this look off with.   

These boxer briefs cost about Rs. 800. 

Get them here

8. Put your Phone, Wallet, Keys ♪♫ in a Fanny Pack

Previously looked at as tourist bags, fanny packs have successfully become a part of mainstream street fashion. 

9Lines (@ninelines9) offers a range of colourful fanny packs that you can wear around your shoulder. 

Price starts from Rs. 1,750. 

Check them out here!

9. Flex your style with a silk bandana 

Bandanas are extremely versatile. You can tie them around your neck or use them as a pocket square but for this look, we’d suggest wearing it as headwear. 

Lehr (@lehrpk) has some of the best silk bandanas that are priced at Rs. 450.

Order here!

10. Get sunglasses to protect your eyes from all the bling you will be wearing 

I like big sunglasses and I can not lie. Hip hop fashion and a cool pair of shades go hand in hand. 

The Egg Yolk (@theeggyolkissassy) have recently launched their sunglasses collection that is right up our alley. 

They are all priced at Rs. 1,500. 

Check them out here!

11. Wear a cap for an ultra-chic look, no cap 

Your only chance to look like Chance the rapper is by wearing a hat/cap. Wear it the way it should be worn or wear it the way cool people wear it: backwards. 

Lama’s (@lamaretail) camouflage cap has a ribbed texture and is priced at Rs. 1,350.

Get it here!

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