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11 paintings by local artists to kickstart your art collection


11 paintings by local artists to kickstart your art collection


You may have the best furniture, decor and lighting around, but no room is truly complete without cool artwork. From small sculptures to filling white spaces on walls, art gives your home a unique personality. Paintings have been the choice of art for most people. It is the expression of ideas and emotions, with the creation of certain aesthetic qualities in a two-dimensional visual language. There is plenty of unique artwork available for you to buy. 

We have rounded up 11 local artists who are selling their paintings online. 

1. Mohsin Sheikh 

Mohsin Sheikh’s (@m.mohsinshaikh) style revolves around the philosophy “nothing is true”. It portrays the fragile beliefs and concepts of our society that can be altered at any time. According to the artist, temporary means chalk. Thus, his paintings are the depiction of the dusty chalkboard that expresses his thought process. Society changes its tradition, opinions and cultures constantly just like chalk.

Mohsins latest painting ‘The Blue Sea Board’ was a beautiful piece of oil on canvas and was displayed at The Pakistan Art Forum (@pakistan.art.forum).

The prices of his paintings depend on the content and measurements but usually start from Rs. 80,000. 

Explore Mohsin Sheikh’s world here!

2. Maryam Moinuddin 

Maryam Moinuddin (@fable_garden) is a third year printmaking student at NCA. A lot of her work is inspired by the things she enjoys reading such as natural forms, exploring wild spaces and visual storytelling.

Some of her favourite artists are illustrators of children’s books and science journals and they definitely influence the kind of work she seeks out.

Maryam takes commissions and sells prints (digital and hand-printed). The price of the work varies depending on the medium, size and time it requires but she always factors in budget constraints and keeps them reasonable. Her prints are usually around Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 5,000. 

Check her work out here!

3. Anas Ali Inam 

Anas Ali Inam (@anasinam0) comes from a family of artists and is a full time painter. Most of his work is inspired by the works of his family members or other famous artists.

Although he is more passionate about working on still life oil paintings, he can paint almost everything a customer might desire.

Anas charges according to the amount of the work and the effort that goes into it. The price starts from Rs. 15,000. 

Visit his profile here!

4. Ashna Zubair 

From a young age, art has been an outlet for Ashna Zubair (@_artiistry) to express her thoughts. Being an art student herself, she explored various art forms after which she launched her venture.

Ashna usually likes to work on paintings that require intense concentration and are intricate.

She thoroughly enjoys painting old people, who have deep expressions – it’s as though they tell a story. Her artwork charges are based on the size of the canvas and the medium used but usually start from Rs. 20,000!

Visit her Artiistry by Ashna here!

5. Maryam Mushtaq 

Maryam Mushtaq (@art.maryam_) is a textile designer with a love for painting. Art lovers can ask her for commissioned paintings. The prices may vary according to technique, medium and size of the painting mix.

Maryam tries not to stick to one style but she loves working on buildings and doodles anything around her with pointers or pencils.

Prices start from Rs. 1,500 for miniature paintings and range between Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 8,000 for canvas paintings. 

Check her work out here!

6. Syeda Mariiam Shah 

Syeda Mariiam Shah (@mariie_draws) is a self taught artist.

Though she keeps experimenting on different subjects to explore herself, she loves working on portraits the most.

She charges according to the medium which is required by the client, usually Rs.2,000 to Rs. 3,000 for a portrait made in colour pencils. Oil paintings are charged according to their sizes.

Visit her profile here

7. Maryam Arshad 

Maryam Arshad (@mulberryartpk) is a NCA graduate and has been painting for the last 20 years. During quarantine, her passion for painting took over her and she started Mulberry Art to sell her paintings. She offers a wide range of exquisite paintings to add to the aesthetic grandeur of your home.

She usually works with watercolours and oil paints and loves to paint landscapes.

You can get her small paintings for Rs. 6,000. 

Follow Mulberry Arts here!

8. Ayesha Farooq

Ayesha Farooq (@lettering_by_ayesha) is a self taught artist.

She loves to paint nature: landscapes, seascapes and flowers. Along with that, she makes the most accurate paintings of famous cartoon characters, loves to do lettering and calligraphy.

Charges may vary according to the customer’s demands and the size of the artwork. For example, a 30×30 cm canvas might cost you somewhere around Rs. 1,500.

Check out her artwork here!

9. Hiba Tanveer 

Hiba Tanveer (@artuisticfreak) finds painting a positive and beautiful escape from the negativity of the world.

She likes working on abstract acrylic paintings.

The starting price of her paintings is Rs. 800 but it increases with the size of the painting. She also sells paintings in sets of 3 and charges Rs. 2,800 for them. 

Visit her work here!

10. Wafa Baloch 

Wafa Baloch (@thirst.of.art) has been painting for as long as she can remember but it was only recently that she started working on canvas.

If you are fond of calligraphy then you must check her work out as it is her speciality.

The prices depend on the canvas but usually start from Rs. 1,000. 

Click here to see her work!

11. Samrah Rehman 

Samrah Rehman (@sammys.art.gallery) started selling her paintings because her room got filled to the top with so many paintings.

Her style mostly leans towards the classical painting side.

She likes a painting to have a meaning and emotions like the classics by Van Gogh and Da Vinci had. The price depends on the type of work but usually ranges between Rs. 500 to Rs. 5,000. 

Buy now here!

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