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9 home businesses in Lahore selling frozen Iftar snacks best for Ramadan

9 home businesses in Lahore selling frozen Iftar snacks best for Ramadan


Half of Ramadan has passed by and it’s usually around this time that iftar foods start to feel monotonous. The same few snacks repeated everyday make iftari less exciting. Instead of trying out the same samosay and kachoris, you should now get some new and exciting snacks for iftari. 

To help you with that, here is a list of 9 home based kitchens in Lahore that make safe and healthy frozen foods. 

1. This mother of 4 was inspired by her mentor’s decades long experience, of cooking delicious meals and snacks 

Anila Shahzad is the head chef at Qzeen Homemade Food (@qzeen.homemadefood) and has been following her mother in law’s cooking closely. Anila takes inspiration from her and has around 60+ Saas approved items on her menu now. Their frozen items are perfect for a quick iftar without much preparation. 

The menu has items such as Fruity Nutella Samosa and Chicken and Cheese Pies. 

Her frozen foods are priced between the range of Rs. 120 to Rs. 2400. 

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source (@qzeen.homemadefood)

2. They aim to break the monopoly that current frozen food brands control 

Burqi Foods (@burqifoods) is managed and operated by a mother daughter duo who don’t even let a helper meddle with the food they send out. They take their name from the Punjabi word “burqi” which means a bite or “navala” and thus ensure that each bite is packed with freshness and flavour. 

They have items such as Chicken Tandoori Pockets and Aloo Chicken Cutlets. 

The price range for these items is between Rs. 150 to Rs. 430. 

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source (@burqifoods)

3. After rediscovering Lahoris’ love for food this mother and daughter duo took the leap and started cooking 

Having taken a professional course in Dubai, the head chef at Zaiqedar (@zaiqedar) understands the value of taste and tradition. Their products are meant to reflect the true Punjabi aspect of food. They also sell their own chutneys to make sure you have the full experience. 

Their foods include the Wholewheat Laccha Paratha and Mash Daal Bhallay. 

The items are priced so that an average frozen meal will cost around Rs. 700. 

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source (@zaiqedar)

4. She’s been cooking since adolescence 

Seemal Nasir is the mastermind behind Zaiqa by Seemal (@zaiqabyseemal). She has been cooking from a very young age. After a lot of encouragement from her friends and family, she decided to enter the official food market of Lahore. She started her business in the initial lockdown when everyone was stuck at home and was unable to go out for iftar parties and such. 

Her products include Peri Peri Bites and Chicken Strips. 

They are priced at Rs. 300 and above. 

Get some for your iftari here

source (@zaiqabyseemal)

5. This family centric business is focusing on freshness 

AKF Foods (@akf_foods) is a joint venture by a young daughter and her parents. Her mother looks over the cooking whilst her father and herself look over the more technical things, such as marketing and shopping for supplies. They believe that for food to taste good it has to be an overall hygienic and quality experience. 

Their menu includes foods such as Chicken Cheese Box Patties and Veggie Samosas. 

Their products are priced at Rs. 150 to Rs. 500. 

Order for yourself here

source (@akf_foods)

6. These two friends started cooking in the initial lockdown and never stopped 

Two university friends waiting for their college acceptances, realised that their skills were being wasted in lockdown and thus started Hunger Bound (@hungerbound). Their aim was to explore their passion but also sell quality, homemade food, so no one had to compromise on health and taste. 

Their frozen food menu includes Sausage Pockets and Stuffed Chicken Fillet. 

They price their items between Rs. 280 and Rs. 700. 

Order their delicacies here

source (@hungerbound)

7. This certified chef in Lahore is focusing on delivering the best iftari snacks 

Chef Zaiqa (@chefzaiqa) renamed from “Frozen Pizza Cut” sells the freshest and most delicious frozen foods. They are easy to cook and help you make a hassle free iftari, that tastes amazing at the same time. 

Their products include Cheese Potato Croquettes and Chicken Poppers. 

The foods are priced between Rs. 150 to Rs. 750.

Make your iftari unique by ordering here

source (@chefzaiqa)

8. This highly reviewed home kitchen is taking the frozen food world by storm 

Tia’s Kitchenette (@tiaskitchenette) has a loyal customer base that keeps expanding day by day. Her items are highly reviewed especially during Ramadan, where people have some extra love for frozen foods for iftari. She even has a range of frozen parathas best for those who love to have them at sehri 

Her frozen foods include Tandoori Cheese Stuffed Nuggets and Chicken Potato Rolls. 

Her price range is from Rs. 300 to Rs. 720.

Place your order here

source (@tiaskitchenette)

9. These goodies are not only flavourful but are made with love and care 

Packed Goodies (@packed_goodies) delivers the most delicious and hygienic food across Lahore. They believe that tasty food can melt away all the stress in life, for a few precious moments. Along with these sublime frozen foods, they also deliver desserts and dishes like their best seller lasagne and mousse cup.

They offer frozen foods such as Pizza Buns and Chicken Cheese Bread Rolls. 

Their items are priced at Rs. 250 onwards. 

Buy your frozen foods here

source (@packed_goodies)

All products are selected by the editors. 

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