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11 gifts for the coffee lovers in your life


11 gifts for the coffee lovers in your life


Am I the only one having a hard time getting a sound night of sleep during Ramadan? Between waking up to prepare for sehri and early working hours, finding a sound 7 hours of sleep is a novelty. But not to worry, it’s time to rely on our old friend coffee to get us through the day. I know I’ll be chugging a mug for sehri, iftaar and dinner.

Here are some essentials you’ll need to get into the coffee lover vibe.

1 Who doesn’t love some freshly brewed roadside coffee?

Ever since indoor dining has been closed we’ve been hard-pressed to find a decent coffee experience. But Coffeety cafe (@coffeety.cafe) at Gulberg’s main boulevard, right opposite Rina’s is providing the best roadside coffee Lahore might have to offer.

A cup of coffee will cost you around Rs. 150

Click here to check their page out.

2 Beat the summer heat with some cold brew coffee.

It’s hard to down a hot cup of coffee in the thick of summer. But that’s why Wabii (@wabiithefirst) is here with its unique cold blends and over ice beverages to fulfil your icy coffee desires.

A regular beverage costs between 350 to 500 rupees.

Check out their page here.

3 Brew your own coffee with these amazing roasted blends.

Going out for coffee every day isn’t always viable, especially during this pandemic. That’s why Artisan Coffee Roasters (@artisancoffeeroasterspk) has their line of freshly roasted ground coffee beans, so you can live your best barista life at home and impress your family with a strong cup of coffee.

On average a pack of ground coffee will cost between Rs. 

Click here to place an order now.

4 This Coffee vendor delivers freshly roasted coffee all across Pakistan.

If you’re a coffee lover and don’t live in one of Pakistan’s metropolitan cities, Third culture coffee (@third_culture_coffee) has got your back with their nationwide deliveries.

A bag of 200 grams of coffee will cost you around Rs. 1,500 to 2,000.

Click here to check their page out.

5 You cant be a coffee snob without a french press.

Recreating the perfect coffee experience at home is hard work, that’s why Nomad coffee studio (@nomadcoffeestudio) is here to equip you with everything you need to make yourself the best brew. They have everything from a french press to cold brew bottles.

Prices range between Rs. 10,000 to 12,000 on average for their basic products.

Click here to order now.

6 Your coffee isn’t right without the perfect mug.

Arraish (@arraish.official) will provide you with handmade coffee mugs for an unforgettable experience while drinking your coffee. Inspired by Turkish blue pottery you will feel ecstatic every time you go for a cup of coffee.

Mugs cost around Rs. 1,000 on Sale.

Click here to order now.

7 You always need to be prepared to entertain guests as a coffee lover.

What’s better than a cup of coffee shared with the family post iftar, but you have to have a matching set of coffee mugs so that there’s no jhagra on who’s cup is better. Kurachee (@Kurachee.pk) has the perfect mug sets for you, designed by local artists for the perfect coffee session.

A set of 6 can cost around Rs. 6,600.

Click here to place an order now.

8 What goes better with coffee than, more coffee?

If your coffee craving isn’t satiated with drinking a cuppa, then pair your coffee time with a nice slice of Coffeecake from Honey and Salt (@honeyandsalt). A home-based business that brings to you exquisite cakes in a variety of coffee flavours, ranging from just coffee to tiramisu.

A cake typically costs Rs. 4,200 for 2 pounds

Click here, to place an order now.

9 Top your cold coffee with some cold coffee ice cream.

If you’re just as crazy about ice cream as you are about coffee, then the Gelato Treat (@thegelatotreat) is your perfect fix. This Multan based company with a shop in Lahore will give you the richest ice cream experience ever!

A litre of ice cream can cost around Rs. 1,600.

Click here to place an order now.

10 If I can’t drink coffee during my roza, doesn’t mean I can’t sniff it.

Yes, you read that right, meem’s (@meemcandlestudio) coffee flavoured candle might be the only coffee product on this list that is safe for consumption during your roza. These handmade candles are one of the best purchases I’ve personally made and would highly recommend them to complete your coffee experience.

A candle will typically cost Rs. 1,250.

Click here to place an order now.

11 This is essential for your on-the-go coffee needs.

What’s the point of brewing the perfect cup of hot coffee if it’s not piping hot? Apollo sports (@apollo_sports) has the perfect coffee flasks for you, that will keep your hot beverages hot and your cold ones chilled for your entire day.

A coffee flask will cost you around Rs. 1,800.

Click here to place an order now.

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