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11 gifts you can order online for the super organised friends in your life


11 gifts you can order online for the super organised friends in your life


Most of us lost our minds in quarantine trying to stay at home this year as our room slowly transformed into a cave which looked less and less like it belonged to a human being with every passing day. Do you know who thrived during this time though? Everyone who chose to stay organised with their schedules or already had a minimalistic clutter-free lifestyle prior to the pandemic striking. Here is a list of 11 products that would make perfect gifts for the kind of people mentioned above or for you if you’re trying to follow in their footsteps and change things up for the better.

1- Miniso Alarm Clock

Phones may secondarily serve this purpose but nothing beats a good old fashioned but slightly advanced alarm clock that can help you fix your schedule. This one here has all the extra features you could want, a thermometer, a stopwatch, birthday reminders and so much more. Get this here for Rs 1,500.

2- BLINGSPOT 2021 Planner

This 2021 planner with minimal, clean layouts will help you stay productive and encourage effective planning. It even has a separate space in each monthly layout for “monthly reflection and gratitude”. Get this here for Rs. 1,495, it is available in four different colours.

3- Cable Management Box

We all know tangled cables are a big no with how messy they make our desks and side tables. With this cable management box, it won’t be a problem anymore. It is available for Rs 2,939 and you can get this here.

4- Desk Organiser

This desk organizer by (@thecreativerack) is ideal for a study table or desk. You can change the two compartments’ sizes according to your needs and it retails for only Rs. 399. Get this here.

5- Cosmetics bag

This simple medium Miniso cosmetics bag is extremely convenient when carrying essentials around in your purse or for trips, to keep in your suitcase. You can use it to keep your skincare products and/or your makeup. Get this here for Rs. 750.

6- Wall hanger

These cute chirpy wall hangers by Decorum Pakistan are another must-have for organised people who don’t like things cluttered around their room. It is available in four different colours and sizes (different width and number of birds and hooks). It’s price thus varies from Rs. 3500 to Rs 8900. You can buy this here.

7- Card Holder

Having to keep all your important cards safe gets much easier with this Faux Saffiano leather card holder with a zipped pocket and multiple card slots, available in two different colours. It retails for Rs. 2,990. Buy it here.

8- Side Storage Tray

You can hang this onto a shelf or the side of your table and never have to worry about all the extra paraphernalia ruining the perfect organisation of your desk. It retails for Rs. 1,490. Click here to buy this.

9- Noontime stories Trinket box

Trinket boxes are the perfect home accessory to keep loose odds and ends stored safely away. These wooden trinket boxes by (@noontimestories) have handpainted designs on the lid with the inside lined with rich blue velvet fabric. They are also the perfect size to place on top of your dresser and come in two designs. Get one here for Rs 2,850.

10- Sticky notes and Memo Pads

Sticky notes and memo pads are essential when it comes to people who love reading and writing or just jotting down every little detail they wouldn’t want to forget.

These adorable sticky notes by (@thecuckooshop) which have a very simplistic look, retail for only Rs. 395 and you can get them in multiple colour schemes here.

These ‘secret garden‘ floral memo pads retail for Rs. 595.

11- Shoe Organiser

For an environment with limited space or for longer trips that you take, this 16 compartment show organiser is a must-have. It retails for only Rs. 899 and you can get this here.

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