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10 Of Reham Khan’s Most Insightful Yet Useless Tweets

10 Of Reham Khan’s Most Insightful Yet Useless Tweets


Reham Khan is known for many things. She’s known as a journalist, an author and Imran Khan’s ex-wife. However, what many people do not know is that she is an incredible Twitter profile.

Her tweets, some of which have gone viral, shows the side of Reham Khan we all love; a little smart and completely useless. Just so weekend starts on the right note, we have compiled a list of all of Reham’s most entertaining week.

1. Let’s start with her most recent gem

2. That time she used millennial lingo

3. When she was thinking what everyone was saying

4. That time she was just trying to be a good person

5. When she called out Hamza Ali Abbasi

6. The time she told us about her viewing habits

7. Yet she found it insightful enough to quote

8. When she reminded everyone of this fact

8. When she gave us some sound advice

9. That time she and her family were above commercialism

10. And finally, this shady tweet

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