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10 cozy sweatshirts that will make perfect gifts for that one guy friend who is very picky


10 cozy sweatshirts that will make perfect gifts for that one guy friend who is very picky


If you’re out scouring for sweatshirts to add to your winter closet and don’t know where to begin or are uncertain if you’re investing your money in the right product with the correct ratio of style to comfort, here’s a comparative list of 11 sweatshirts from different brands to help you make the right decision.


This ‘future’ graphic sweatshirt is perfect for everyone who loves black but wants to add a little bit of a twist with the text in the front and the design print on the back. It retails for Rs 4,490


A maroon-red hooded spree sweatshirt is exactly what you need to try on this winter. It is available for only Rs. 2,690!


This plain white sweatshirt with Levi’s logo will make you look effortlessly chic. You can get this for Rs. 4,193.

Gul Ahmed

This Oyster fashion Sweatshirt will be the perfect addition to your winter wardrobe. This is one of the cheapest pieces on the list, retailing for only Rs. 1,650!


This grey hooded sweatshirt is going to keep you warm and in style throughout winter. It’s the most expensive product on the list and is available for Rs. 10,990.


Whether you love the Star Wars franchise or know absolutely nothing about it, this sweatshirt will make you look super cool regardless. You can get this for only Rs. 2,890.


Time to add a little bit of a splash of colour to your closet with this teal, white and dark purple crew neck sweatshirt which you can get for only Rs. 2,340!


This brown and black raglan sweatshirt retails for only Rs. 1,799! You should definitely check this out.

Gul Ahmed

Not only does this red clay coloured sweatshirt look great, but it is also currently on sale for just Rs.1,617!

Al Karam Studio

You can style this basic grey sweatshirt with anything and everything. It’s available for only Rs. 2,050.

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